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From our homes at Arklow Pipe Band Hall, and Mercy School, Wexford, The Penston Vocal Academy provides the best in vocal instruction to singers of all ages, training students in all musical genres from musical theatre to popular, sacred and classical music. Emphasis is given to anatomical awareness in vocal production, and the development and maintenance of a healthy voice. 

Theory, sight reading, and aural awareness preparation for Leinster School of Music singing exams are included, and students are prepared, within a group environment, for solo and ensemble performances and competitions. Classes are for boys and girls and private tuition is available on a limited basis.
Most importantly, the Academy specialises in advanced choral training and groups compete and perform at national level throughout the year. 
A passion for performance, a secure musical ear and a good singing voice are essential entry requirements to the Academy.

Class timetable:
4pm - 5pm - Junior Class 
Grade 1 - 4 Theory and aural class - Unison/Solo & Two-Part Choir
5pm - 6pm – Ensemble (Junior & Senior) 
Choral class -Three-Part Choir
6pm - 7pm - Senior Class.  
Grade 5 - 8 Theory and aural class -  Unison/Solo & 2/3 part work  
3.45pm - 4.45pm - Junior Class 

Grade 1 - 4 Theory and aural class - Unison/Solo & Two-Part Choir
4.45pm - 5.45pm – Ensemble (Junior & Senior) 
Choral class -Three-Part Choir
5.45pm - 6.45pm - Senior Class.  
Grade 5 - 8 Theory and aural class -  Unison/Solo & 2/3 part work  

Generally, the JUNIOR class facilitates primary school students, and the SENIOR class, secondary school students, but there may be some overlap involved to suit some students.
Classes run from September to May over three 10-week terms, and a half-term of 5 weeks.

Naoimh’s greatest joy as a teacher is derived from encouraging singers from all musical backgrounds to find their voice and develop it to its full potential. Inspiring confidence in each individual and a lifelong love of singing is the philosophy at the heart of The Penston Vocal Academy. Friendships and deep bonds are created through group music-making, and Naoimh believes this is the driving force behind the group’s success.
For more information and enrolment details, please contact Naoimh at 086 8115682, leave a message here, or find The Penston Vocal Academy on Facebook.

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